SeSoDaa Systems offers solutions for all your technology needs. Starting from deciding which technology is right for your business needs to implementing it to supporting it and enhancing / upgrading it as need.


Some of the highly utilized services from our clients are:

Help identify which technologies are right for your business.

Deciding on which technology (Hardware, Software or Services) to incorporate into your business can be a challenging task. Manufacturers and vendors may hype their technology as a must have in order to run your business effectively. Friends or peers may advise you based on what they know / think. But that does not help you identify what is needed for you business and where to start. We have seen businesses buy and implement new technologies without understanding its impact, associated support and maintenance cost vs. real business benefit. We never suggest our customers to implement new technology just for sake of new technology.

Setup new or upgrade current IT infrastructure.

We work with new business and current business to identify and setup their IT infrastructure needs which includes but not limited to internet connection, servers, websites, communication (email, phone lines, cell lines, etc), workstations, security, networks, etc. we also work with business to get it done on time even if it requires us to work off hours and weekends.

IT Security and PCI compliance

With our in depth knowledge and experience on current and ongoing security threats we can help our customers select and maintain right solutions to protect their infrastructure from those treats.


We also provide assistance for business to get PCI compliant and stay compliant.

Utilizing Cloud computing

What is the cloud? Where is the cloud? Are we in the cloud now? These are all questions you've probably heard or even asked yourself. The term "cloud computing" is everywhere.


we help our client identify cloud technology needs and right cloud solution to meet those needs.


Everyone is offering cloud but which one is right for your needs?



We offer complete line of mobile solutions. Starting from mobile friendly website to custom mobile applications to improve productivity or just offering additional options to your customers or your mobile workforce.


Onsite and Remote support.

We provide support to our customers on needed bases or as support contracts.


We work with customer to provide support remotely or visit onsite when needed.


We are available 24x7

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